Clean Gas Technology

Developing a Fuel Source for Expanded Uses and Markets

The evolving field of biomass gas is a technology that is well suited for an array of applications. From direct injection to pressurized gas turbines, our extensive installations and ongoing research have allowed us to gain considerable expertise in the production, refinement, and applications of syngas. By improving the purity of biomass fuel, we can expand the use of clean energy into a larger number of industries and applications.

Our world is fueled largely by gas – in a variety of forms and from a range of sources.

Biomass fuel gas clean enough to use in internal combustion engines has been an R&D focus of companies worldwide for decades, and seen as a prized energy efficiency breakthrough with tremendous potential. Successful methods have been found, but high operating costs and the shortened life of equipment involved have prevented widespread adaptation.

Aries Clean Energy has patented a new approach to remove the tar residue found in traditional biomass fuel. The process starts by filtering syngas through high-carbon biochar, which is produced as a byproduct of gasification. Any remaining impurities are removed by deploying microwave-induced plasma fields.

This robust solution can fuel existing generation equipment through:

  • Direct injection (fumigation) into a diesel genset’s intake system, significantly offsetting use of expensive fossil fuels in remote or developing markets
  • Combustion in standard gas-fired generators in more developed markets, including larger pressurized gas turbine applications.

Aries Clean Energy is also working on synthesizing the clean biomass gas into liquid form for transportation fuels, as this new technology unfolds.