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Welcome to Aries GREEN™ Biochar, An All Natural Soil Conditioner

Aries GREEN™ Biochar is responsibly made from recycled wood in an Aries Clean Energy’s patented downdraft gasification system. When mixed with soil and used with plants, gardens, and lawns, plant life is improved. Biochar returns carbon to the soil and helps retain moisture near the roots.

A unique feature of our biochar is the fact that it has received dual certifications. It is certified by both the USDA and the International Biochar Institute after testing conducted by independent labs. It is a certified biobasedproduct.

Aries GREEN™ is a high carbon content biochar for use as an all-natural soil conditioner and agricultural soil amendment, fuel, a filtering agent, and a base material for the production of fabric, carpet, rubber, plastic and carbon black. A Safety Data Sheet is available for a download here.

Currently, Aries GREEN™ is available in two sizes. Both containers are made of recyclable plastic or can be repurposed. Click on the size you want to complete your purchase. For bulk purchases, please write to

Aries Biochar 4 Quart Plastic Shaker

4 quarts – 3.78 liters
with shaker lid – $24.95

Aries Biochar 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket

5 gallons – $59.95

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