Biomass feedstock processed through our downdraft gasifier exits the machine either as a synthetic fuel gas or as a high-carbon biochar. There is no ash product that requires disposal.

The charcoal-like biochar is consistently 96% carbon with a high BTU content. It can be used as:

  • Fuel for cement kilns or other operations that utilize solid material
  • Agricultural soil amendment that substantially increases the water and nutrient holding capabilities of most growing media
  • Base material to produce carbon black, a valuable industrial colorant
  • Filtering agent for liquids or gases to remove containments or odors, since the biochar shares many chemical properties with activated charcoal
  • Aries GREEN™ is a high carbon content biochar for use as an all-natural soil conditioner and agricultural soil amendment, fuel, a filtering agent, and a base material for the production of fabric, carpet, rubber, plastic and carbon black.  It has been certified by the USDA and the International Biochar Institute.  Official announcement:

In most cases, about 85% (by weight) of the raw material gasified is converted to fuel gas with the remaining 15% becoming biochar.